Transfer Seats

Can Am Mobility in Kelowna deals with several manufacturers of great quality seating solutions

We invite you to read below about the different manufacturers and what each can offer to you to best suit your needs.

Transfer Seat Manufacturers

Transfer Seat Manufacturers

B&D Independence founded in 1981 on the premise that quality and service would never be compromised, today B&D Independence is the recognized industry leader in Transfer Seat Bases. Designing and manufacturing the industries best transfer seat base at a fair value to dealers and those who use our products, listening to customers’ needs, and constantly looking for ways to improve their products, Can Am Mobility is proud to offer B&D Independence products to our customers.

RICON/VMI – The Ricon Power Transfer Seat for mobility vans swivels 90 degrees with the touch of a button. This turning action makes it simple and safe to transfer from a wheelchair into the passenger or driver seat. Six way operation means making adjustments up, down, forward, back, and rotating left and right. The RICON Power Transfer Seat is unmatched in its disability access.

Bruno –Turning Automotive Seating™ by Bruno Independent Living Aids removes the challenge of entering or exiting a vehicle in style. Marvelous automotive seats that rotate. Some models move up and down for a perfect transfer height. Fantastic freedom for greater mobility.

Adapt Solutions – Greater mobility means greater freedom. Adapt Solutions is dedicated to your mobility. They find the solutions, they put them in motion. They make gaining access to your vehicle the last of your worries because being mobile is a fundamental need. Their completely automatic pivoting and lowering seat base will turn your head. Smooth, motorized motions will make getting in and out of your vehicle so much easier.