Yoga - Portable Scooter & Case

Status: Sold

         Strong and lightweight frame with smart folding mechanism

         Easy-to-read control panel

         Quick charge with 4A off-board charger

         Fold & Roll, or store in a suitcase

         Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use

         High ground clearance great for travel

         Height retractable and angle adjustable tiller

         Patented twin front wheels with spring suspension system offers stability during sharp turning

         Easy attach 24V Li-Ion battery pack

         Under seat pouch can store extra battery pack



         Weight Capacity 114kg/ 250lb

         Max. Speed 6.4kph/ 4mph

         Range 18km/ 11.25mi.

         Turn Radius 96cm/ 37.8"

         Ground Clearance 9.5cm/ 3.7"