Hand and Foot Controls - Driving Aids

At Can Am Mobility, we obtain a wide variety of Hand and Foot Control driving aid products from several well-known quality manufacturers.

Hand Controls Howell's Sure Grip


Howell’s “SURE GRIP” Hand Controls have become a leader in the disabled driving aids market in both Canada and U.S.A. Howell Ventures consists of a major manufacturing facility, with its corporate office located in Upper Kingsclear, NB, Canada. Sure Grip Hand Control’s unique “push rock” acclaimed style of driving—push forward for brake, rock back for acceleration—has been promoted by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) as the fourth recognized style of driving for the disabled under nationally recognized terminologies.

Hand & Foot Control MPD


Mobility Products & Design has been designing and refining customized, ergonomic driving controls for over 50 years. These controls keep individuals actively involved in the world.  Their easy-to-use hand controls make driving simple-just push forward to brake and pull down to accelerate. A wide selection of steering controls puts you in command of your vehicle, enabling you to enjoy a driving experience that minimizes fatigue. Mobility Products & Design extension and foot controls make everyday tasks convenient for you-from turning the ignition key to setting the parking brake.


Menox hand controls are specifically designed to give physically limited drivers the benefit of control and ease when driving a vehicle. Driving becomes an easy and enjoyable experience with Menox. Menox’s design is simple and durable. Minimal hardware is needed for the installation leaving the driver with extensive leg room. Menox is not in the way of knee air bags. With no protruding bars or bolts, access in and out of the vehicle is trouble-free.