Fire Extinguisher Service | Bellingham, Washington Fire Extinguisher Company: Sales, Training, Service, Recharge, Annual Tags, Tests & Inspections (2023)

Fire Extinguisher Service | Bellingham, Washington Fire Extinguisher Company: Sales, Training, Service, Recharge, Annual Tags, Tests & Inspections (1)Portable, wheeled or fixed unit fire extinguishers are an invaluable tool that every occupied building should install and properly service aiding in the containment, suppression or extinguishing of small fires in Bellingham, Washington.

Fire extinguishers require service, maintenance, tests, inspections, annual service, (6) six year teardowns, refills and recharging that should be completed by qualified, factory authorized, certified fire extinguisher companies that are actively licensed in the State of Washington and City of Bellingham. Certified fire extinguisher companies have proven a level of knowledge, skill and experience for additional assurances.

The fire extinguisher company should use only manufacturer recommended replacement parts when performing recharge, service & repairs on portable, wheeled or fixed unit fire extinguishers in Bellingham, Washington.

  • Fire Extinguisher Service Plan in Bellingham, Washington

[NFPA-10] Periodic inspection of fire extinguishers shall include a check of at least the following items:
1. Location in designated place.
2. No obstruction to access or visibility.
3. Pressure gauge reading or indicator in the operable range or position.
4. Fullness determined by weighing or hefting for self-expelling-type extinguishers, Cartridge-operated extinguishers, and pump tanks.
5. Operating instructions on nameplate and facing outward.
6. Safety seals and tamper indicators not broken or missing.
7. Examination for obvious physical damage, corrosion, leakage, or clogged nozzle.

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The fire extinguisher company in Bellingham, Washington should service the fire extinguishers according to manufacturer specifications, federal, state, OSHA, safety, fire codes or any other applicable government agency or insurance company requirement in Bellingham, Washington.

Six (6) year service & teardowns, annual inspections & service, tests, inspections, refills, recharges and fire extinguisher certification tags should be performed by a fire extinguisher company that is factory authorized, certified, actively licensed in the State of Washington and City of Bellingham for fire extinguisher service. Certified fire extinguisher companies have proven a level of knowledge, skill and experience for additional assurances.

Annual maintenance for a fire extinguisher is more than just reading a pressure gauge. Annual inspections may include the possible replacement of horns, valves, collars, o-rings, defective gauges, damaged hoses, frozen gauges or missing pins.

If the extinguisher was discharged or the indicator displays recharge, refilling the extinguisher contents may be necessary during the course of the annual tests and inspections conducted by authorized, qualified actively licensed fire extinguisher company in Bellingham, Washington before annual certification tags are issued.

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Why Recharge a Fire Extinguisher in Bellingham, Washington

Excerpt to Aid in Understanding the Annual Maintenance & Inspection of Fire Extinguishers. Below is a typical service procedure that should be completed by a factory trained and qualified fire extinguisher company in Bellingham, Washington for an Amerex Brand Fire Extinguisher No. 05602.

(Amerex Owners Manual# 05602, Stored Pressure Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers)

Fire Extinguisher Service | Bellingham, Washington Fire Extinguisher Company: Sales, Training, Service, Recharge, Annual Tags, Tests & Inspections (5)
1 Clean extinguisher to remove dirt, grease or foreign material. Check to make sure that the instruction nameplate is securely attached and legible. Inspect the cylinders for corrosion, abrasion, dents or weld damage. If any damage is found, hydrostatically test in accordance with instructions in CGA C-1 and C-6 and NFPA 10.
2 Inspect the extinguisher for damaged, missing or substitute parts. Only factory replacement parts are approved for use on Amerex fire extinguishers.
3 Weigh the extinguisher and compare with weight printed in the "Maintenance" section on the nameplate (label). Recharge extinguisher if weight is not within indicated allowable tolerances.
4 Check the date of manufacture printed on the extinguisher label (nameplate) or on the agent cylinder dome. The agent cylinder must be hydrostatically tested every 12 years to the test pressure indicated on the nameplate.
5 Visually inspect the pressure gauge:
  1. If bent, damaged or improper gauge, depressurize and replace
  2. If pressure is low, check for leaks
  3. If over pressurized (overcharged), depressurize the extinguisher and follow recharge instructions.
6 Check ring pin for freedom of movement. Replace if bent or if removal appears difficult.
7 Inspect discharge lever for any dirt or corrosion which might impair freedom of movement. Inspect carrying handle for proper installation. If lever, handle or rivets are damaged replace with proper Amerex part(s).
8 Install new tamper seal if broken and record service data on the extinguisher inspection tag.
9 Remove nozzle or hose and horn assembly and visually inspect inside valve body. (Chemical in the valve body may indicate that the extinguisher has been partially discharged and should therefore be recharged). Inspect nozzle or the hose & horn assembly for damage – replace as necessary. Blow air through nozzle or hose and horn to insure passage is clear of foreign material.
10 Inspect the valve assembly for corrosion or damage to hose thread connection. Replace valve assembly or component parts as necessary following the proper depressurization and recharge procedures. If valve removal is necessary, complete all steps in the Recharge Procedure.
11 Install nozzle or hose and horn assembly.
12 Replace the extinguisher on the wall hanger or in the vehicle bracket making sure that it fits the bracket properly and the bracket is securely attached – replace the bracket if necessary.

Fire Extinguisher Service Bellingham, Washington

Monthly Inspections

Annual Inspections


Six Year Service

Fire Extinguisher Service in Bellingham, Washington


Fire Extinguisher Service in Bellingham, Washington

Fire extinguishers should be serviced according to manufacturer specifications, Federal, OSHA, State, NFPA 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers or municipal fire code in Bellingham, Washington.

By shopping qualified, licensed, factory authorized, certified fire extinguisher companies in Bellingham, Washington you may obtain estimates that will detail the costs to install, service, repair, test, inspect, maintain, annual tags & certifications, (6) six year inspections, refill, recharge or replacement of portable, wheeled or fixed unit fire extinguishers.

Fire Extinguisher Service | Bellingham, Washington Fire Extinguisher Company: Sales, Training, Service, Recharge, Annual Tags, Tests & Inspections (7)

Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Company in Bellingham, Washington

When maintenance is indicated, it should be performed by trained persons having proper equipment. Fire extinguishers are pressure vessels and must be treated with respect and handled with care. They are mechanical devices and require periodic maintenance to be sure that they are ready to operate properly and safely.

OSHA Fire Extinguisher Service, Maintenance & Inspection in Bellingham, Washington.

To ensure your fire extinguishing system will perform as expected in the event of a fire, you are required to:
Inspect each system annually, and operate and maintain them in a working condition, making sure they are always turned on, except during repairs or maintenance [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(6)].
Notify employees and establish measures to guarantee their safety if a fixed extinguishing system becomes inoperable. Fix any defects or impairments by trained personnel. [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(2)].
Check the weight and pressure of refillable containers at least semiannually. If the container shows a loss in net content, weight, or pressure, it must be subjected to maintenance [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(7)].
Assure that factory charged non-refillable containers that have no means of pressure indication are weighed at least semiannually. Replace the container if it shows a loss in net weight [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(8)].
Assure that inspection and maintenance dates are recorded and kept until the container is checked again or for the life of the container, whichever is less [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(9)].
Train employees designated to inspect, maintain, operate, or repair fixed extinguishing systems. Review their training annually to keep them up-to-date [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(10)].
Train all employees with respect to the type of systems installed in the workplace, the hazards involved, proper activation in case of emergency, and the correct response to audible and visual pre-discharge alarms. Provide training for non-English speaking employees in languages understood by the affected employees and other individuals that may be exposed to the hazard.
Provide and assure the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for rescuing employees trapped in areas that have become hazardous due to an agent discharge [29 CFR 1910.160(b)(17)].


How often are fire extinguishers required to be tested and tagged? ›

All portable and wheeled fire extinguishers need to be tested every 6 months. Pressure testing and refills should be carried out at least once every 5 years.

Is fire extinguisher training required annually by OSHA? ›

Training and education.

The employer shall provide the education required in paragraph (g)(1) of this section upon initial employment and at least annually thereafter.

What is the OSHA requirement for fire extinguisher training? ›

29 CFR 1910.157(g)(1) [and (2)] requires that, where an employer has provided portable fire extinguishers for employee use in the workplace, he shall also provide an educational training program to familiarize employees with the general principles of fire extinguisher use and the hazards involved with incipient stage ...

What are the OSHA regulations for fire extinguisher inspections? ›

Inspection, maintenance and testing

Visually inspect portable extinguishers or hoses monthly. [29 CFR 1910.157(e)(2)] Perform an annual maintenance check on portable fire extinguishers. Stored pressure extinguishers do not require an internal examination.

How often should fire extinguishers be inspected in WA? ›

In regards to servicing, Australian Standard 1851 requires all portable and wheeled fire extinguishers to be serviced every 6 months with pressure testing and refills to be undertaken at least once every 5 years.

Do fire extinguishers need to be tested annually? ›

Basic Service (Once A Year)

You must have your fire extinguishers serviced, every 12 months – this is what's known as a “basic service” and needs to be done in accordance with BS 5036-3. This service is best done by a third party accredited fire extinguisher technician, with the correct tools, training and experience.

Does OSHA regulate fire extinguishers? ›

OSHA requires a minimum-rated 10B fire extinguisher be provided within 50 feet of the point of job site use of more than 5 gallons of flammable or combustible liquids or 5 pounds of flammable gas.

What training does OSHA require annually? ›

The following general industry tasks require initial training (new employee orientation) and annual re-training (at least once every 365 days): Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records and Employee Rights – 1910.1020. Asbestos Abatement Training (OSHA Class I and II) – 1910.1001.

How many seconds does a fire extinguisher last? ›

The extinguisher must be large enough to put out the fire. Many portable extinguishers discharge completely in as few as 8 to 10 seconds.

Is hands on fire extinguisher training required by OSHA? ›

OSHA does not require any hands-on training. Some employers provide safety videos, toolbox talks, informational brochures, and online fire extinguisher courses instead.

Does OSHA require SDS for fire extinguishers? ›

The employer is responsible for ensuring the required labeling of containers and also that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available to address the physical and health hazards of fire extinguishers in their workplace.

What are the NFPA guidelines for fire extinguishers? ›

NFPA 10 requires extinguishers be inspected when they are initially installed and once a month after that. You should inspect extinguishers more frequently if they are installed in locations where they are more prone to rust, impact or tampering.

What monthly inspections are required by OSHA? ›

Some OSHA standards require monthly equipment inspections, included are:
  • Fire extinguishers.
  • Eyewashes and safety showers.
  • Cranes and hoists.
  • Emergency escape respirators and self-contained breathing apparatus.
Jul 20, 2021

Is NFPA required by OSHA? ›

Although OSHA may not specifically enforce NFPA 70E, they can and have cited electrical safe work practice hazards with existing OSHA standards.

Do fire extinguishers have to be inspected or checked every 30 days? ›

The Joint Commission requirement for inspection of fire extinguishers is once per calendar month. There is no minimum and maximum requirement for the interval of days between monthly inspections, but best practice is to maintain an interval as close to 30 days as reasonably possible.

Do fire extinguishers have to be inspected every 60 days? ›

“OSHA requires all employers and owners of buildings to conduct a visual inspection of all fire extinguishers at their disposal at least once per month.

How often are fire extinguishers checked by companies? ›

Per NFPA 10, a full maintenance check needs to be performed every 12 months by a certified fire extinguisher inspector.

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