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5 Products to Help with Staying Independent

Longer at Home

Aging in place is becoming more popular. While many aging individuals prefer the comforts of their own home, this approach is not without its challenges.

Fortunately, there are many adaptive products and devices seniors and their families can invest in, which will make aging in place safer and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

5 Elder Care Products for Every Age-in-Place Household

With age, even the simplest tasks can become difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, these simple products were designed to remove some of the burdens and make staying at home more comfortable:

1. A Personal Alert System

A personal alert system is a critical age-in-place device. Designed to be worn or stationed around the home, these systems allow seniors to summon help in the event of a fall or other emergency.

Given that 60% of the visits people ages 65 and older make to the emergency room are the result of a fall in or around the home, these devices can be real life-savers.

2. Toilet Seat Risers

It can be tough for seniors to feel comfortable getting onto and off of traditional, low toilets. Because of this, a new ADA-compliant toilet, or a toilet seat riser can be valuable.

Other helpful bathroom accessories include a hand-held shower head and a transfer bench for the bathtub or shower.

3. Night Lights

Reduce nighttime stumbles, falls, and other injuries by illuminating hallways and essential areas in the home with night lights. Inexpensive and readily available at drug and home stores, nightlights should be placed throughout the halls, up and down stairs, and in bathrooms and kitchens.

4. Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can be life-changing for seniors who have trouble getting around the house. Depending on the senior’s condition, canes, rollators, walkers, wheelchairs, motorized stair-lifts, and motorized scooters may all be applicable.

5. Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are excellent for people who have difficulty getting into and out of a seated position. Designed to lift the person out of a chair and place them on their feet, these chairs make being at home much more comfortable.

We Have the Mobility Products you Need

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