5 Exciting New Advances in Mobility Technology

When it comes to mobility technology, the last couple of years have seen a ton of amazing advances that promise to significantly increase the independence and freedom of those with different mobility needs. Just think, the wheelchair has only been on the scene for the last 200 years or so. In the vast spectrum of human history, that isn’t a very long time, and just look at how far we have come.

However, it was really the appearance of the electric wheelchair shortly after World War II that changed everything and helped give those with unique mobility needs unprecedented levels of freedom and independence. However, the steady march of progress never stops, and since then, mobile technology has advanced leaps and bounds from where it was just a short century ago.

The thing is that technological innovation spells not only more, but safer mobility solutions for everybody. And that is something to be excited about.

Here are five exciting recent advances in mobile technology that we just can’t wait to share with you!  

  1. A Wheelchair That Can Climb Stairs

Good news! Prototypes have already been developed for a wheelchair that can sense and climb steps.

With this innovative technology, non- accessible spaces will be a thing of the past!


  1. Self Driving Vehicles

Most people have already heard of self-driving vehicles, but many fail to consider the positive implications this type of technology will have for those with reduced mobility.

Even better, since many of these bad boys are already on the road, it shouldn’t be long before this type of technology is accessible to everyone. Without a doubt, for so many people, it will make this world a whole lot bigger. Not to mention that these vehicles will do a lot to reduce congestion and accidents in general.

All hail technology!

  1. Mobile Scooters

Since the 1960s, mobile scooter developers have been hard at work to make these machines better adapted to all sorts of terrain.

Not only do today’s mobile scooters have significantly increased speed, mobility and steerability since they first came onto the market more than 50 years ago, but developers have worked to ensure that the materials used to build the scooter are much more durable and affordable.

This means that today’s mobile scooters are now a much more budget-friendly option than they once were. Hooray!

  1. Eye-Controlled Wheelchairs

Eye-controlled wheelchairs make it possible to literally watch where you are going – no pun intended!

Even better, this type of technology has already been successfully tested and is expected to hit the mainstream market within the next couple of years.

Just think of the amazing possibilities.

5. Wheelchairs for Animals

Thanks to amazing new technology, wheelchairs aren’t just for humans anymore. 3D printing technology has made it possible to produce cost-efficient wheelchairs that can be used for animals with different mobility needs.

Imagine how great it will be to see every one of man’s best friends be as mobile as they want to be. It’s a great gift to be able to give back to animals, who as we all know, truly do so much for us.

They deserve it.

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