Scooter Lifts - Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps - Stairlifts - Vertical Platform Lifts

At Can Am Mobility, our aim is to make life simpler for all our customers with mobility issues. Whether you need a vehicle lift to allow you to transport your scooter or powerchair, or you need a stairlift or a vertical platform lift for your home or workplace, we are here to help you.

Vehicle Lifts

Can Am will help you choose the best scooter/wheelchair lift for you! Choose from lifts which stow your scooter or powerchair inside your vehicle with the touch of a button, or .a model that fits on the outside of your car!

Vehicle Ramp/Lift

From fully-automatic, folding platform wheelchair lifts to other wheelchair lift solutions to fit your needs and your budget, Can Am Mobility will give you many options for you to choose from.


The Elan Stairlift from Bruno is a great solution for your around-the-home mobility needs, blending into your home's environment without any stairway modifications. We can also customized these lifts for curved staircases.

Vertical Platform Lifts

The Vertical Platform Lift provides simple, rugged and reliable access to elevated landings, garage and motor home entryways, even inside your house.  With an automatic self-lowering folding ramp, 750 lb/340 kg lifting capacity and a spring sensitive bottom plate that shuts the unit down when an obstruction is encountered, Bruno’s Vertical Platform Lift is the perfect solution to your accessibility needs.